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                About Kinwong

                Kinwong Culture

                Thematic idea
                Dedication And High-Quality Product

                Circuit Connects the World, Internet of Everything

                To become the most reliable printed circuit board manufacturer in the world?

                Core values
                Customer Oriented
                Caring Value Creators
                Self- Reflection

                Business Philosophy
                People foremost, manufacturing competitive products, expanding the enterprise, and repaying the society

                Management View of the Company
                Act in accordance with the law, and move people with love

                Talent View of the Company
                Appropriate talents are excellent talents

                Quality View of the Company
                Providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services

                Market View of the Company
                Without customers, there is nothing

                Innovation View of the Company
                Innovation is inestimable and borderless, it is the driving force for the perpetual development of the Company