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                About Kinwong

                Kinwong History













                • 1993: Kinwong was established in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, China.
                • 2003: As Kinwong sales grew, so did it’s need for capacity. Kinwong moved manufacturing to Bao’an District of Shenzhen
                • 2004: Kinwong integrated FPC technology (flexible PCB’s) into it’s technology offerings for it’s customers.
                • 2008: Due to continued growth, Kinwong established operations in the city of Longchuan. At which time, Kinwong received ISO-14001 certification.
                • 2009: Kinwong’s Shenzhen factory was awarded and recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise
                • 2010: Kinwong established Longchuan MPCB Division and started the production of metal base PCB.
                • 2011: Kinwong’s Longchuan factory was awarded and recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise
                • 2013: Kinwong established Longchuan FPC Division as flexible PCB sales grew.
                • 2014: Kinwong began manufacturing in Jiangxi. The Phase 1 factory was designed to be more than 70% automated.
                • 2017: Kinwong went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with a stock code of 603228. Kinwong’s central lab received it’s “CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate" (CNAS L9568, equal to ISO/IEC 17025:2005).
                • 2018: Kinwong began operations for Jiangxi Phase 2. This is a highly intelligent automation factory. In addition, Kinwong began manufacturing operations in Zhuhai Fushan by acquiring another FPC factory
                • 2019: Kinwong began construction of two additional factories in Zhuhai Fushan focusing on High-Layer count PCBs and Substrate Like PCB.