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                About Kinwong

                Quality Assurance

                APQP document creation to implement and control the project based upon customer’s requirements and DFM results.

                The suppliers are managed by group SQE. The goal is to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the supplier’s performance.

                The quality management system was created by using the standard operating procedure as a guideline. We created a solid training system, implemented the standard operations, tightly controlled engineering change management and implemented traceability management. From this, we can control and monitor key processes to ensure end-product quality and compliance.

                Our trained inspectors, in conjunction with our advanced detection equipment, verify the completed product. Our inspectors are Certified IPC Specialists to the IPC-A-600 standard and ensure the results meet industry and/or customer standards.

                CUSTOMER SERVICE
                Our customer service team is a customer-oriented team that helps further ensure customer satisfaction. This team helps clarify any questions, deviations or complaints from our customers. The goal is to efficiently resolve any potential issues and ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their product.

                Continuous improvement is vital to Kinwong’s continued success and customer satisfaction. Kinwong has project teams in each business unit that use the PDCA cycle to continuously improve the quality and technical capabilities. Lean Six Sigma and QCC are implemented based upon company’s actual situation.