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                About Kinwong

                Quick Facts


                Kinwong is a high-tech PCB manufacturer offering full product lines covering rigid PCB, FPC (Flex) and metal-base PCBs. Kinwong was founded in March 1993 and has since grown to over 8 factories located in 4 sites across China.?

                Kinwong is one of the top 3 PCB manufacturers in China and is ranked in the top 25 PCB manufacturers in the world in terms of PCB sales revenue.?

                With headquarters located in the Bao’an District of Shenzhen, there are three other manufacturing sites located in Longchuan , Jiangxi and Zhuhai.

                Kinwong adheres to key Core Values that drive our business growth and customer relationships. Our Core Values are to be Customer-Oriented, Inspiring Value Creator, Self-Reflection, Integrity, Responsibility, Cooperation and Innovation. Our mission is to be the most reliable printed circuit board manufacturer in the world.?