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                About Kinwong

                Technical Strength

                Technology Center

                Kinwong’s Technology Center is located in Shenzhen and was established in 2006. It has its own team of highly trained and driven people working to advance Kinwong’s technical capabilities, manufacturing advancements and optimization.

                Kinwong has received more than 330 patents and has published over 330 papers regarding scientific and technological achievements.

                Central Laboratory

                Kinwong has invested nearly $1.5 million (RMB 10millions) into its Central Laboratory.?

                In January 2017, Kinwong’s central lab received it’s “CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate” (CNAS L9568, equal to ISO/IEC 17025:2005). This certified Kinwong to perform professional testing and validation reports without 3rd party laboratory.?

                This is a significant advantage for Kinwong’s customers as it shortens the customer’s lead times, ensures the quality of the boards and allows Kinwong to be highly competitive.