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                About Kinwong


                We adhere to the philosophy of “Elaborate and Quality Products”. After more than twenty years of development, the Company’s core competitiveness has been rapidly improved, and its production and R&D capacity have been rapidly expanded. It has realized cross-regional corporate resource integration. By continuously optimizing its excellent management system, it has established the group-based industrial development and has set up the stable international brand image. In addition, it has become a high-tech enterprise with the highest growth potential in the industry.

                • National High-tech Enterprise
                • National Intellectual Property Dominant Enterprise
                • Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province
                • Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprise of Guangdong Province
                • Rule-of-law Culture Construction Model Enterprise of Guangdong Province
                • Metal-based Circuit Board Engineering R&D Center of Guangdong Province
                • Enterprise Technology Center of Guangdong Province
                • Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong Province
                • Cleaner Production Enterprise of Guangdong Province