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                MARKETS WE SERVE

                Consumer Product

                CONSUMER PRODUCT

                As consumer electronics products are gradually becoming lighter, thinner, and smarter, higher requirements have been placed on display technology and data transmitter processing capabilities.

                The diversification of applications and the reduction in volume have also forced printed circuits board to arrange more wires in a limited area and continuously develop into ultra-fine directions such as fine trace width, dense wiring, and fine craftsmanship. High density, thin and light, FPC, rigid-flex board and environmentally-friendly production have gradually become the future direction for the development.

                Corresponding production line for consumer electronics are available in Kinwong with a right capacity. The accumulated experience in engineering design optimization, quality control as well as the production can ensure customer’s satisfaction.

                KEY TECHNICAL POINTS:

                • Fine line 3mil/3mil
                • HDI technology
                • Min. board thickness: 0.4mm
                • Up to 16 layers of rigid-flex product
                • Leading position in domestic FPC production
                • Various material types