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                MARKETS WE SERVE



                Kinwong has been certified with IATF 16949 since 2006. We are one of the largest automotive PCB manufactures to accumulate abundant experience in production control processes and technologies. Our automotive product offering is extremely diverse in categories such as heavy copper, HDI, High-frequency and High-speed. These are used for the production of connected mobility, automated mobility and the increasing electrified mobility

                The technology demand of longer life time, higher temperature load and smaller pitch design can be met absolutely. We have strategic cooperation with major suppliers to develop and implement new materials, equipment and process development for current and future automotive technologies.

                Key technologies for automotive products:

                • Reliability testing
                • Traceability
                • Thermal management
                • Heavy copper ≥ 105um
                • HDI
                • Semi - flex
                • Rigid - flex
                • High speed digital