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                Kinwong News

                Longchuan Kinwong Wins May 1st Labor Certificate of Guangdong Province

                KINWONG NEWS On the morning of April 28, Guangdong Province Conference for Celebrating “May 1” International Labor Day and Commending Model Workers was grandly held in Guangzhou. Longchuan Kinwong was awarded the honorary title of “May 1st Labor Certificate of Guangdong Province”. This award is another honor that Longchuan Kinwong received from Guangdong Province Federation of Trade Unions since it won the “May 1st Labor Medal of Guangdong Province” last year.? “Staying true to our

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                As a Team with an Iron Will, Jiangxi Kinwong People Create Miracles!

                KINWONG NEWS On September 27 – 28, Liu Shaobai, President of Kinwong Group, visit? Jiangxi Base to inspect the production and operation of Jiangxi Kinwong Intelligent Plant Phase II, accompanied by Liu Yu, Vice President of Kinwong Group and President of PCB Business Group. Jiangxi Kinwong Intelligent Plant Phase II was put into production on March 28, 2018, aimed at becoming a highly automated, flexible, efficient, short delivery term, fully traceable, and highly intelligent plant

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                Kinwong is named as an Integrity Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong Province

                KINWONG NEWS In the morning of June 14, 2018, Guangdong Province’s conference for carrying forward the spirit of outstanding entrepreneurs and promoting a credit system, which was organized by Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Confederation and Guangdong Entrepreneur Association, was held in Guangzhou. At the Conference, the most trustworthy enterprises and integrity demonstration enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2017 were commended for their outstanding contributions to the economic and social development and credit construction of Guangdong Province.

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