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                PRODUCTS & SERVICES

                Engineering & Design Services

                Engineering and Design Services

                Kinwong do believe that pre-engineering talk before the final design can always ensure a good final product. The engineering design plays a vital role in the functionality, performance, cost, and available supply chain and so on, which is the key to the commercial success of the product. Based on advanced hardware and software, Kinwong always dedicate itself to the customer’s design-in with professional domestic and abroad team. Provide support design solution like customized DFM routinely.

                Kinwong capabilities are as follows:

                • Customized Project Team
                • DFM
                • Advanced hardware and software
                • – InPlan
                • – InCAM
                • – Genesis 2000
                • – CAM 350
                • – Auto CAD
                • Simulation Equipment
                • – TDR
                • – VNA
                • ISO 17025 Qualified Reliability Test Capability

                For more information about Kinwong’s capabilities, please contact one of our Field Application Engineers