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                PRODUCTS & SERVICES

                Flex PCBs


                Flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) allows for lighter, thinner, higher-density and high reliability. FPC technology has grown tremendously. FPC products can support high-frequency, multi-layer and blind vias.?

                In addition to FPC manufacturing, Kinwong has more than 150+ SMT lines, allowing us to be your 1-stop shop for FPC. Kinwong is the leader in China’s FPC market and has some of the world’s top engineers supporting you. In addition, Kinwong’s top of the line copper plating process is of the best in the industry. Our thru-hole Tp value of 120% or larger is implemented, which provides high conduction performance and better meets the wiring requirements.

                Kinwong can provide the following needs:

                • Stackups, mutli-layers (up to 6 layers), rigid-flex (up to 10 layers)
                • PCBA for FPC
                • Post-assembly adhesive dispensing process (conformal coating, underfill)
                • Post-assembly ICT and FCT tests ensure the final quality of each piece of product and reduce the customers’ risk of products scrapping.
                • Roll to Roll manufacturing

                For more information about Kinwong’s capabilities, please contact one of our Field Application Engineers